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Rhythm App – Find Your Rhythm

Why Do Users Love Rhythm Mobile App?

Smart Algorithm

Our algorithm issues a compatibility score based on user preferences and input

Great Conversations

What better way to start an engaging conversation than by connecting over a band or song that you love?

Human Interaction

The Rhythm Experience is designed to forge and sustain human interaction, not bypass it.

Easy Profile Setup

Our profiles are easy and fun to set-up. Start creating meaningful interactions in under 5 minutes.

Music Discovery

You obviously love music, right? Explore and discovery new music that matches your taste on our platform.

Rhythm Live

Connect with other Rhythm members offline in a safe, fun, and musically focused events and find the love of your life.

Create & Connect in Less than 5 Minutes

Find Your Rhythm in 4 Easy Steps

You shouldn't have to pay for love. Sign up for free. Upgrade for premium features when you're ready.

It shouldn't take you all day to set up a profile. Complete your Rhythm Profile in 5 easy minutes.

Apps should be creep free! But, if you happen to meet a creep, at least he'll like the same music as you.

Can Music Really Help You Find Love?

Music provides an effective means of connecting with others

A study by Peter Rentfrow, and Sam Gosling published in Psychological Science in 2006 found that college students getting to know each other over the Internet are more likely to ask about music preferences than about all other categories of conversation topics combined. #facts

Music is a powerful reflection of identity, values, and culture

After controlling for factors like difference in age and study subject, the researchers found with compatible tastes in rock, hip hop, and other western musical genres tended to share similar values, and be more socially drawn to one another.

Music personifies our core character

Heriot Watt University performed a study which concluded that music intrinsically and intensely aligned with and reflects core personality. Even if you don't like the exact same band, similar bands indicate similar core personalities. Those who listen to heavy metal are likely to have drastically different dispositions and lifestyles than those who listen to jazz.

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